Westmo Students, Professor Receive Awards at MO Psychology Conference

Westminster faculty and students who participated in the 2014 Missouri Undergraduate Psychology Conference. Photo above, from left to right, back row, Dr. Ted Jaeger, Dylan Christian ’15, Tess Fessler ’16, Eileen Koppy ’16, Erica Rondon ‘15, Dr. Ryan Brunner. Front row, Melissa Buehner ’15, Shannon Pruitt ’15, Mackenzie Walsh ’15, Taylor Gravatt ’16, and Dr. Abby Coats, Assistant Professor of Psychology (did not attend conference, but assisted students with research). Not pictured, Enrique Salanic ’15.

A group of 10 Westminster students, led by Professor of Psychology Dr. Ted Jaeger and Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Ryan Brunner, attended the Missouri Undergraduate Psychology Conference at Lindenwood University on November 14-15, 2014.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the conference, conference organizers surprised and honored Westminster’s Dr. Jaeger with a special, distinguished faculty award, recognizing his noteworthy contributions to the conference.

Westminster students also received several awards during the conference:

Tess Fessler ‘16, Taylor Gravatt ‘16, Shannon Pruitt ‘15, and Mackenzie Walsh ’15 for “Effects of Fear-Eliciting Stimuli on Memory Consolidation,” a research project executed in the Memory & Cognition laboratory. The poster presentation won 2nd place in its group.

Melissa Buehner ’15 for “Effects of Negative Priming When Viewing Pictures: Association between Anxiety and Vigilance,” a research project from Methods in Experimental Psychology. The poster presentation won 3rd place in its group.

Amanda Killgore ‘16, Eileen Koppy ‘16, Enrique Salanic ‘15, and Erica Rondon ’15 for “Ego Depletion: Athletes vs. Non-athletes,” a research project from the Memory & Cognition lab. The oral presentation won 2nd place in its session.

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