Money Questions: What should you ask when visiting Westminster?

Talking with the financial aid office is always an important part of any college visit. In order to help prospective students and their families, Aimee Bristow, Westminster’s Director of Financial Aid, offers this advice for determining a realistic look at college costs and the value of the education offered.

What questions should students and families ask during a college visit?

  1. What are the direct costs, including tuition, room, board and mandatory fees?
  2. What is the on-campus residency requirement?
  3. What is the average book cost per semester?  Can I charge books to my student billing account?
  4. What is the average amount of institutional grants and scholarships awarded to students?
  5. What is the average student loan debt of graduates?
  6. What is the freshman-to-sophomore retention rate?
  7. What is the graduation rate?
  8. What is the placement rate of graduates?
  9. What is the FAFSA priority deadline?
  10. What institutional scholarships and grants am I eligible to apply for?

See below for Westminster’s answers to the above questions.

  1. Tuition: $21,360; Room (double occupancy): $4,940; Board: $4,220; Fees: $1,200; Total Fees: $31,720
  2. Westminster College requires all admitted degree seeking students to live in one of the college-approved residence halls or college owned houses. Exceptions may be made.
  3. On average, books cost $550 per semester. Students may charge textbook purchases to their student account provided they have a credit balance on their account.
  4. Students at Westminster receive a financial package of $11,500 on average.
  5. The student loan debt of graduates is $27,000 on average.
  6. 84% of entering freshmen in 2011 returned for their sophomore year.
  7. The average graduation rate for Westminster has averaged 67% for the past five years. Nationally, the graduation average is 59% for all private colleges and universities and 50% for public colleges and universities.
  8. 96% of Westminster graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate/professional school within 6 months of graduation (with 88% of graduates reporting).
  9. Februrary 15
  10. Student scholarships and grants vary.

For more info, visit Westminster’s Admissions page or contact Financial Aid.

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