Westminster Women: We Have News for You!

If you are a Westminster woman — student, faculty, staff, or alumna ― or someone who supports women at Westminster, Westminster Women Advancing Together (WWAT) has news for you.

We want to bring you up to date on what’s been going on because, even during these many homebound months, a few important steps have taken place.

But first, a quick reintroduction. 

WWAT is an organization based on the idea that women helping women empowers all of us and strengthens the College, too. We’re making this happen by helping in three important ways:

  • Recruiting remarkable women to attend Westminster.
  • Supporting our female students while at the College.
  • Promoting our women alumni and faculty.

These goals take commitment! And yes, money.

To this end, we’ve raised more than $43,000 of our $100,000 goal!

With your help, we just awarded $8,000 scholarships ($2,000 each year for four years) to two exceptional young women, making it possible for them to attend Westminster this coming fall. And in late 2020, we awarded $5,000 scholarships to two female students who, facing financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic, might otherwise not have been able to return to Westminster.

Also, we’re honoring some of our incredible alumnae!

We developed 40 years, 40 Women, an initiative to recognize 40 outstanding alumnae spanning the 40 years since the College’s move to coeducation. While we recognized these amazing women in the 2019 edition of Leadership magazine, through regular profiles in Westminster Monthly, and online, we plan to formally honor them in person during Alumni Weekend 2022.

But your involvement, your input, is key to our success.

So tune in for regular updates and news. And follow us through our Facebook group.

And please consider a donation! No matter how small (or big), Westminster women will thank you!

 Questions? Contact Betsy Schultz Humphreys, ’83 ΚΑΘ, at BetsyWestMO@Gmail.com.



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