President Lamkin Fuels Westminster Movement in First 100 Days 

This week as the Westminster community gathered to hear exciting news about the College’s future, President Lamkin told the crowd: “The Westminster Movement has arrived!” The whirlwind of activity and accomplishments which mark the first 100 days of his presidency prove The Westminster Movement has not only arrived but is charging forward full tilt. 

Seven years of experience from his first tenure at Westminster certainly gave President Lamkin a head start. But at day one, he dived into records, financial statements, and interviews with faculty, staff, alumni, and students to assess where the College stood and then rolled up his sleeves to develop a strategic plan to move Westminster forward.

The plan he has set forth offers clear, focused objectives and a sustainable financial model to increase enrollments, retain students, improve facilities, engage alumni, build morale, and enhance Westminster’s reputation. Further, President Lamkin’s plan zeroes in on the characteristics which make Westminster different and unique—its rich history, global thinking, transformative learning, invested alumni, and the integrated experiences that provide its students with the intellectual, character, and leadership skills to fulfill their purpose in life. 

The first 100 days of President Lamkin’s presidency have led to these significant developments: 

  • A strategic plan approved by the Westminster Board of Trustees to take Westminster into a new era
  • A tightening of the College’s financial belt and commitment to operate within its means 
  • Funds raised to close the budgetary gap he inherited for fiscal year 2018 
  • A sustainable financial model for the future 
  • A $3 million gift from Kent and Judy Mueller to build a new athletic stadium 
  • A $100,000 grant to purchase new sports training equipment 
  • Revival of the Columns Credo to rebuild the academic core and improve all aspects of the Westminster experience 
  • Steps to bring the “Power in Purpose” brand promise into focus 
  • Integration of the Price Leadership Program into the Westminster mission 
  • Re-energized campus, student, and alumni morale 
  • Increased visibility and engagement in student life and community activities 
  • Weekly meetings with student leaders and bi-weekly meetings with different groups of students 

Leading up to the surprise announcement of the new athletic stadium this week, regular messages went out to let everyone know “Something’s Stirring in the Blue Jay Nation.” That is no longer a secret.  What is stirring is progress.  

As President Lamkin told the crowd at the stadium announcement, “this is the first of many exciting announcements to come.” Stay tuned. The Westminster Movement has arrived!

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