Book Signing for Dr. Cliff Cain’s New Book on Faith Nov. 1

A new book by a Westminster faculty member is coming your way with a book signing from noon-1:00 p.m., on Wednesday, Nov. 1, in the College Bookstore. 

Dr. Cliff Cain, the author and Harrod-C.S. Lewis Professor of Religious Studies and Department Chair of the Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, will be there to sign books, which will be available for purchase. 

 His new book, Rapport, focuses on the nourishing of our relationship with God through prayer and contains 100 prayers. 

 “The book accents the theological/spiritual assertion that the establishment of rapport—an intimate relationship with God—is the purpose and value of prayer, not necessarily just to ask God for things nor to try to tell God about things that he does not already know,” says Dr. Cain. 

 Copies of the book will be available for $9.95 with a Bookstore 10% discount during the book signing.      

 “I wanted to make this book an affordable purchase, especially for people of faith or as gifts for people of faith,” says Dr. Cain. “In my estimation, it would make a wonderful Christmas gift, and I want to thank Tony Elrod, the Bookstore manager, for all he does to champion and promote faculty authors. How appropriate that we would hold an event for a book on this subject for All Saint’s Day.” 

 In a blurb about the book on the book jacket, Dr. Carolyn Perry says: “Dr. Cain’s prayers, first and foremost, help us to seek God, to contemplate God, and ultimately to know God.  And these prayers offer connection, first to the ‘Eternal, Ever-Loving, Gracious God,’ but also to our fellow sojourners as we face the ‘woeful and wonderful’ world together.  It is good to read Dr. Cain’s prayers one after another and let them soak into our souls, for in doing so, we experience the greatest gifts true and honest prayer has to offer—wisdom, transcendence, and divine rest.” 

Another person who recommends the book is Rev. Dr. Doyle Sager, Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Jefferson City, MO. Rev. Sager says: “As a busy pastor, I need to read the thoughtful prayers of others, lest my private and public prayers get stale. Cliff Cain’s prayers are deep and wide—richly layered theologically, culturally sensitive, practical, and tender. Someone has said that the longest journey is from our heads to our hearts. Cliff Cain engages both head and heart in this volume, and we are all better because he has allowed us to listen in.” 

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