Writing Lab Serves Westminster Students

Helping students succeed academically is part of Westminster College’s mission, and the Writing Lab is one example of the support system Westminster provides for students.  The Writing Lab is a tutoring service that goes beyond –  not only will tutors help students review and improve their assignments, they can also help them understand assignments and brainstorm ideas.  Tutors work closely with students and take the time to teach them how to improve, rather than simply correcting errors.

The Writing Lab is located on the lower level of Reeves Library and is open from Sunday – Thursday, 6pm-10pm.  Students are instructed to bring hard copy drafts of their papers/projects and any supporting/required readings, books, or papers.

Dr. Theresa Adams is the Writing Lab Director.  Tutors, their majors, and their schedules this semester are as follows:

Tyler Haulotte:  Philosophy, English/Classics, Security Studies
Lauren Hughes:  English, History
Kayleigh Johnson:  Psychology/English
Kyle Klahs:  Biology/Psychology
Rebecca Suen:  Business Communication/English

6-8pm:  Tyler
8-10pm:  Rebecca

6-8pm:  Lauren
8-10pm:  Rebecca

6-8pm:  Lauren
8-10pm:  Kyle

6-8pm:  Kayleigh
8-10pm:  Tyler

6-8pm:  Kayleigh
8-10pm:  Kyle

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