Who Am I? Faculty Trivia Contest, Day 1

It’s Finals Week at Westminster! To have some fun amidst the studying, we’re holding a daily trivia contest. How well do you know Westminster faculty?

The answer to Day 1’s trivia post is … Dr. Bill Carner!


Dr. Carner is an associate professor of business at Westminster. Prior to his Westminster role, he served as the director of the Business Foundations Program and Senior Lecturer in the Marketing Department of the University of Texas (UT) in Austin. He was involved in the program since its inception in 1995 as a faculty member developing the marketing coursework. While at UT, he also developed the direct marketing and the sports and entertainment marketing courses and taught the product development course for MBAs as they prepared for Moot Corp, an international entrepreneurial competition founded at UT.

Dr. Carner holds an A.B. in business administration and economics from  Drury University and an MBA in finance and a Ph.D. in business administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

More fun facts about Dr. Carner …

  1. When he was in high school, Brad Pitt and his brother shoveled snow from Dr. Carner’s driveway.
  2.  His mother babysat Bob Barker, Price is Right host.
  3. He is a qualified (railroad) engineer.
  4. His daughter was a contestant on Winter Wipeout two years ago.
  5. He has attended 4 Super Bowls (including the Rams-Titans).
  6. He has started 5 companies.
  7. He worked with Reid Ryan and got to meet his father, Nolan Ryan.
  8. Earl Campbell (Heisman Trophy/NFL Hall of Fame) was his neighbor for 16 years.
  9. His son and daughter went to school with Drew Brews and Nick Foles.
  10. His son played little league all stars with Huston Street, California Angels reliever and AL Rookie of the Year 2005.

 Thank you to everyone who posted an answer to today’s trivia post.

Today’s winner is Tenzing Siddhartha Dhakhwa, Class of 2015.

Get ready to play again tomorrow!

How to play …

  • Every day this week watch Westminster’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for facts about a Westminster professor. A new professor will be highlighted each day. Facts will be posted by 8:30 a.m.
  • Post your guess for the right answer as a comment on Facebook or tweet your guess to @WestminsterMO.
  • At 3 p.m. daily, we’ll draw a winner from the correct guesses and post the answer.

If you win, choose a prize from this list …

  • $25 gift certificate to Westminster bookstore
  • $25 gift card to Brooklyn Pizza, downtown Fulton
  • $25 gift card to Beks


  • Open to anyone.
  • Winners will be drawn randomly from correct responses only.
  • An individual’s first guess only will be accepted (cannot guess multiple times).
  • An individual can only win one prize.
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