The Westminster Internship Experience

Approximately 50 Westminster students participated in internships during this fall semester, gaining career-related experience and knowledge outside of the classroom.   

 Two examples are Thomas Mallon ‘18 and Amber Tepen ‘18, who participated in internships off campus, yet within a short driving distance of Fulton. Cindy Quick, Assistant Director and Internship Coordinator, visited Thomas and Amber at their internship sites and spoke with their supervisors as well.

An International Business major, Thomas Mallon is completing his internship at the Attorney General’s office in Jefferson City, Missouri as a File Clerk Intern. As Thomas plans to go on to law school after he graduates, this experience has been particularly valuable.   

During his internship, Thomas has handled a variety of responsibilities, including the pulling of files for cases on the weekly docket, reviewing tort files for completion and authorizing the approval of funding for tort claims under a certain dollar figure.

When asked what prepared him for this internship, Thomas replied that his job at the library on campus and Dr. John Langton’s classes were most helpful. Regarding what he has learned from the experience, Thomas commented he has been surprised by the amount of work the office accomplishes with so few employees.

Thomas’ supervisor, David McCain, is pleased to have Thomas on their team and is appreciative that Thomas is receiving academic credit for his internship.  He was complimentary of Thomas, saying he stays on task, is intelligent and has a great work ethic. Dr. John Langton is Thomas’ Faculty Sponsor for his internship and is Westminster’s pre-law advisor. 

Amber Tepen is a senior majoring in Exercise Science.  She is completing her internship at Boone Hospital, Wellaware-Cardiac Rehab Center in Columbia, Missouri.

Amber assists patients in the rehabilitation process who are heart patients or have had heart surgery. When they come to the Center before starting their therapy, she takes their blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Amber hooks them up to the monitors and keeps an eye on their vitals while the patients are completing their physical therapy. In addition to this, she is learning how to perform electrocardiograms (ECGs).  

She has also attended, and at times, assisted with events sponsored by the Cardiac Rehab Center, such as community business health fairs and health screenings for employees.  

Jeff Zimmerman, Amber’s internship supervisor, stated that Amber is a good communicator, ready to work as needed and is an asset to their team.  What impressed him most about Amber is that she is a quick learner.   

Amber said that the Anatomy and Exercise Science classes she is taking this semester has gone hand in hand with her internship experience. Dr. Therese Miller, Associate Professor of Health and Exercise Science is Amber’s Faculty Sponsor for her internship.

To learn more about Westminster’s intern program, students should contact Cindy Quick, Assistant Director and Internship Coordinator at or 573-592-5382. More information can be found at the Center for Career Development.

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