Westminster in the Wall Street Journal

Did you know there are three Westminster Colleges in the United States?

Westminster College (Fulton, MO) was featured in “If You Say You Went to St. Mary’s, You Will Need to Be More Specific,” the April 8, 2017 issue of the Wall Street Journal.

The article highlights snafus and confusion that arise between colleges that share the same name, including a story from Blue Jay’s men’s assistant basketball coach Andrew Green:

Andrew Green, the assistant men’s basketball coach at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo., called his mother the morning after his team enjoyed a November 20-point blowout.

“As soon as my mom picks up the phone, she’s somber, saying, ‘That was a tough one, I’m sorry,’” Mr. Green recalled.

Then it clicked. “Mom, did it look like our gym?” he asked. “Mom, did you know any of the players? Mom, did you see me on camera?”

Turns out she had been watching the Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pa., in a losing effort the same night. To her credit, both teams have navy blue uniforms and stream their games online.

Read the story here (subscription required).

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