Meet Dr. Bharat Dhital, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Bharat Dhital

What are your goals at Westminster? My main goal is to create and develop the best possible learning environment for students and help them to transform into responsible citizens of the world. 

How would your students describe you? My students describe me as a dedicated teacher with plans and the ability to crack open the struggles of the students. I want everyone to succeed in my classroom and will go over and above my job to make that happen. 

Tell us about your chemistry classes. Chemistry is often called the central science because of its role in connecting the physical sciences with the life sciences and applied sciences such as medicine and engineering. In my classes, one can learn to answer the questions like, What is it? How much of it is there? What is in there? My goal in every class is to connect the chemistry concepts to real-world applications. 

What is one piece of advice for students taking your classes? You may love chemistry, or you may hate it, but you can’t ignore this important subject. If you really learn through a constructive way, you start enjoying chemistry. 

What skills do students need to be successful in chemistry? The important thing in chemistry is to know when to memorize something and when NOT to. Be strategic in what you memorize and what you don’t. 

What qualities make someone particularly successful in chemistry careers? Chemists are central to the success of the many tech industries. In every career, if you think out of the box, you will be successful. 

What do you think is the biggest challenge that people in modern chemical research face today? As scientific and chemical research becomes more complex and interdisciplinary, it becomes even more challenging to communicate and explain the state of the art of scientific endeavors. One of the major challenges for the people in chemistry is defining science from the philosophical perspective of both pragmatic and realistic aspects. Also, the amount of information in chemistry that we have at any moment is so enormous that it would confuse our brain if we came to the entirety of the knowledge. 

Do you have a favorite quote? “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself” – Galileo 

What is your greatest accomplishment? Having the first college degree in my family and making it through the highest degree is the greatest accomplishment so far. 

What do you do in your free time? I like to read, volunteer, and spend time with family and friends. 

What is your favorite book? The Alchemist.

What is your favorite movie? Cast Away. 

What is a talent you wish you had? I wish I could sing. I love singing!

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Sarah Rummel Backer

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