Get to Know Football Player and Non-Profit Advocate Beau Thompson

By Ashim Karki

Hometown: Hillsboro, MO

Major(s) and Minor(s): Secondary Education Major and Minors in Organizational Leadership and Business Administration

What brought you to Westminster?

Westminster was my choice coming out of high school because of the diverse student population, the small teacher-student ratio and educational programs offered. I came to Westminster for the opportunity to become a better scholar, leader and person, in general. Before making my decision, I visited multiple colleges and universities, but ultimately Westminster felt comfortable and most like home to me.

What are you involved in on campus?

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Westminster Football, the nonprofit Give & Play, Education Association, Nonprofit Entrepreneurship Organization, Kappa Delta Pi (education honor society), Chi Alpha Sigma (athlete honor society) and I am a member of the Teaching & Learning Committee.

What are some things you enjoy doing in your free time?

Watching sports, working out, being outdoors, hunting, fishing and reading books.

What stands out to you about receiving an education from Westminster?

Students are exposed to an umbrella of studies and potential career choices. Figuring out your purpose and passion can be challenging, so the liberal arts education is key.

How has Westminster Helped you find your purpose?

While attending Westminster, I have been heavily involved in campus organizations and activities. This has allowed be pursue my passions and find my own purpose. There is not a day that goes by here without having a new learning experience.

How has Westminster helped shape you into the leader that you are?

I would not be who I am without taking on the opportunities and challenges presented to me by Westminster. The person I was as a freshman is not the same person I am today as a senior. There have been plenty of challenges and learning experiences during my time here which have helped turn me into the leader I am today.

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