The Magic of Studying Abroad in France

Jennyfer Larios Martinez (above, far left) is French major at Westminster College. This spring semester she is studying abroad in Angers, France at the Catholic University of the West and she was willing to share her experience with us. Her story follows.


My decision to study abroad in Angers, France was definitely one of the best investments of my life. It is not only because I am majoring in French and having the chance to practice my French, but also because of the challenges I am overcoming and the knowledge I am acquiring from the French culture and people.

With the help of this experience, in less than three months, my writing and speaking skills have improved. This is due to my interaction with locals from Angers and the cities I have visited, such as Les Sables d’Olonne, Saumur, Rennes, Nantes, and Paris. In addition, the more I travel, the more I understand French culture, language, and history.

In regards to schooling at the UCO, classes have helped me a lot. Some of my courses here include Modern History and French business. Both courses have provided me with a better understanding of the current economic situation in France and its events that have marked history of Europe. Although the vocabulary in both classes is complex, my professors have been very helpful in helping me understand course materials

In addition to the academic experienc, I am also glad to have met wonderful people. The majority of other exchange students came with the same purpose: to practice French and to learn about French culture. Therefore, we all speak in French and help each other improve and to learn more about other European traditions.

I am really happy with the outcome of my experience in France. It’s indeed a worthwhile investment. I would definitely recommend this program to all Westminster Students. Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and learn about the world. It might be challenging but very rewarding!

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