Tickets Now Available for TEDx Westminster College, Nov. 7

TEDx is coming to Westminster!

Westminster College is one of only three colleges and universities, including the University of Missouri-Kansas City and St. Louis University, to host a TEDx event in Missouri this fall. Brilliant speakers and thought-provoking dialogue come together to inspire and inform audiences at TEDx events, each independently organized but with a common goal to unleash new ideas.

The event is organized by Westminster students Shrijan Amatya ’18, Joseph Opoku ’18, Xolo Msomi ’18, Manoj Ghimire ’18, and Nikita Thompson ’18.

TEDx Westminster will be held on Saturday, Nov. 7 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Champ Auditorium on Westminster’s campus in Fulton, MO.

What is it?

TED/TEDx is regarded as one of, if not the highest, global platforms to permeate ideas and create a globally engaged world.

TEDxWestminsterCollege is themed “Thou Mayest” and draws its inspiration from John Steinbeck’s definition of the term: mankind has the power to make decisions and ultimately choose its own course of life. TEDxWestminsterCollege will celebrate the power of human choices, believing we are in control and that we can change the world if we dare to do so. It does not matter which field we are in or where we come from; what matters is the choices we make.

Similar to Westminster’s annual Hancock Symposium, both domestic and international speakers will present thematic speeches usually associated with their field of expertise. This diverse spectrum of fields will include literature, technology, education, social media, health, global development, and many others.

Who should attend?

TEDx Westminster is meant for people who are attracted to new ideas and have some sense of intellectual curiosity. From this event participants will gain an increased immersion into Westminster College’s emphasis on global engagement and critical thinking. Attendees will take away from TEDx Westminster College an experience that can be applied to their lives both on and off campus.

Ticket Information

Tickets for students ($10) are now on sale in JCI and the Dining Hall. Only 100 seats are available, so be sure to buy your ticket today!

Faculty/staff/general public may also buy tickets online for $20 each.

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