Summer 2015 in Africa: Learning about Rwandan Genocide

Bernard Mugisha ’18 tells about the Westminster group’s first few days in Africa on the Humanity for Children blog. The group visited memorial sites, learning about the Rwanda genocide. As a Rwandan now studying at Westminster, Mugisha brought a special dimension to the trip, helping the Westminster team understand how the genocide affected the people.

In the photo above, Mugisha is at the National Genocide Museum.

The team also stopped in Rwamagana at a Lutheran high school that is partnered with Lutheran High School South of St. Louis.  The team brought laptop computers, recreation equipment and school uniforms.

In these first few days, the Westminster students are learning how Rwanda moves from grief to survival to growth. From Mugisha’s blog:

“The team then drove to Rwamagana where we spent a night at the AVEGA Guesthouse, established to help genocide survivors improve their lives. On the following morning we all walked from the guesthouse, down to the Rwamagana Lutheran High School, in order to interact with the students and listen to reports about their school. We heard of how the school was established in 2004, with no infrastructure, and how the school has developed through donations by friendly folks who took it upon themselves to see that the school grows to support more children.”

Read his full blog post.

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