From Westminster to John Hopkins University: Caleb Marquis ’15

From Moberly, MO, Caleb Marquis graduated from Westminster in May 2015 (Political Science – Security Studies major) and is currently attending Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC., pursuing a Master’s degree candidate in security studies and intelligence.

Below, Marquis shares insight into his Westminster experience and career goals.

Campus affiliations and activities while you were at Westminster?

Order of the Sword and Shield (OSS) President 2014 and Member

What is your current career position?

I am currently working in defense contracting in the Washington DC area. My work includes analysis and acquisition of contracts with Federal Agencies and the Department of Defense.

What organizations are you involved in? 

I am currently heavily involved with an organization called Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. The organization prepares young professionals and students for careers in foreign policy and global security. Through the organization, I was recognized by Forbes as an ‘honorable mention’ for a foreign policy article submission.

What role did Westminster play in leading you to your current position/studies?

Westminster played a huge role in my current situation career-wise. Academically, the Political Science and History departments helped to prepare me to make a thoughtful decision on where to pursue my graduate studies. The internship possibilities at Westminster allowed me to trained and practice intelligence analysis in Ohio with many Intelligence Community professionals.

How did your Westminster education inspire your achievements?

Westminster has played a huge role in establishing the confidence and framework for success that will help to achieve my goals. The confidence is instilled both in and out of the classroom, as the faculty takes a whole-hearted interests in what you want to achieve.

What successes and achievements do you envision in your future?  What are your goals?

I plan to perform meaningful and rewarding work in the Intelligence Community as an analyst, preferably working with counterintelligence, intelligence operations and policy. On a large-scale, I want to be involved in work that fascinates me but also contributes to assisting in securing our country, both domestically and abroad.

Do you recommend Westminster to prospective college students? Why?

Most certainly. The opportunities that are present at Westminster are unparalleled in Missouri. It is a tight-knit college, with high diversity and plentiful chances for success both domestically and abroad.


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