Students Learn Etiquette for Business Dining

A group of Westminster students learned the proper etiquette for successful business dining at the annual Professional Etiquette Dinner on Tuesday, November 15 in the Marsh Jones Dining Room on campus.

The evening was sponsored by the Center for Career Development and Meg Langland, Director of the Center and a Certified Etiquette Consultant gave the presentation. “I cover the basics of professional dining and the importance of respecting tradition,” says Langland. “However I stress the overall goal is to build rapport amongst the other diners, engage in conversation and enjoy the event itself.”

The evening began with advice on mix and mingling with a practice session following, complete with appetizers and sparkling grape juice. Students then moved to assigned seating and enjoyed the next four courses while learning about dining etiquette from Langland.  Topics covered included tableware placement, the difference between American and Continental dining styles and the importance of establishing rapport during the meal with other diners, especially the host.

Alumni and supporters of the College acted as Table Hosts, serving the role an employer or host would play in taking a job applicant out for a meal. The hosts added a “real world” touch to the evening.

Volunteer Table Hosts for the evening were Adam Hans, ’06; Anna Comfort, ’13; Joan Graham, ’10; Visiting Professor of Leadership Studies Roslyn Grant; Westminster Chief of Staff Gary Stocker; and Medina Mesic, ’14.

A number of the attending students commented how much they appreciated the Table Hosts because they were easy to carry on a conversation with, provided interesting  perspectives and were helpful in answering their questions about dining etiquette.

This marks Langland’s 15 year to lead the etiquette dinner.


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