Students Invited to Lunch with the Lamkins


Small groups of students will have the opportunity for frank and friendly luncheon conversations with Westminster President and Mrs. Lamkin every month under a new program called “Lunch with the Lamkins.”

Every fourth Monday of the month at noon Dr. and Mrs. Lamkin will have lunch with a new group of students in the Backer Dining Hall.

The first Lunch with the Lamkins will be held at noon on Monday, Nov. 26.

“We are always looking for ways to increase student accessibility to us and have the chance to develop working relationships with as many students as possible,” said President Fletch Lamkin.  “This program  is a great way to accomplish that goal.”

Anyone interested in participating in a Lunch with the Lamkins session should submit their names  to Student Government Association (SGA) President Lydia Creech, ’19 of Republic, MO through the SGA website at

Lydia will confirm attendance  of students selected to have lunch prior to each session.  Each group will be kept small so those in attendance can have an optimal opportunity to engage with President and Mrs. Lamkin.

To be considered for the first Lunch with the Lamkins session, students should submit their names by Wednesday, Nov. 21.

Students participating in a session should proceed through the lunch service line and bring their food to the back right tables in Backer Dining Hall.

Also, students who are unable to attend a Lunch with the Lamkins can bring a topic of  concern to President Lamkin’s attention by emailing him at

Lunch with the Lamkins is a joint project of the Office of the President and the Student Government Association.




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