Senior Morgan Gordy: Once a Blue Jay, Always a Blue Jay

Morgan Gordy in a white blouse and dark pants.

The first time I toured Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, was my junior year of high school. My mom found information online about Westminster and insisted on us touring. I was very apprehensive, as I had dreams of living in a big city surrounded by strangers. Once I set foot on Westminster’s campus, everything changed.

I am Morgan Gordy, a senior at Westminster. I am double majoring in Business Communication and English Creative Writing. I went to high school in Washington, Missouri, where my mascot was also a blue jay. Ironically, our school’s motto was, “Once a blue jay, always a blue jay.”

On my tour, I felt this wave of nostalgia, like I had been here before. After that feeling, I knew I was going to attend Westminster. Everything about the campus felt like home: Everyone waved to one another, and professors knew their students’ names. I knew in my heart that this was where I was meant to be.

I applied to Westminster the day that applications opened and was one of the first students to be admitted for the fall of 2019. Since my time at Westminster, I have participated in Westminster College Cheer, Campus Activities Board, Student Foundation, and Alliance, and I currently have an internship in the Department of Marketing and Strategic Communications at Westminster. After graduation this May, I plan to start my career in business or writing.

Westminster has shaped me into the woman I am today. I will always be grateful for my time at this amazing institution. I have met my closest friends and created an amazing network of intelligent and successful people who have taught me lessons — not only in class, but also in life.

Watch for more from Morgan on Westminster’s social media!

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