Research, Leadership, Academics Combine for Tripti Giri ’15

For Tripti Giri ’15, Westminster has opened up a new world of opportunities for research, leadership, and service projects that she would have never  thought possible. From Kathmandu, Nepal, Tripti is majoring in mathematical sciences and physics, with a minor in pre-engineering.

What kind of research have you been able to do at Westminster? 

I had the opportunity to be a team member for the physics research that is an on-going data collection for the astronomical field, led by Dr. Kent Palmer. I have been able to gather data and analyze it through the Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy device and learn about the uses and different salinity of water as well as look into the interesting graphs of spectrometer. Through this research project, we were also able to change different variables and create a comparison chart for all that has been done at Westminster in the past. This is a boost to my career goal of going to an engineering school in the near future.


What kind of leadership opportunities have you experienced?

There are unlimited opportunities that Westminster provides to its students. There are many organizations that match the interest of all the students. I am currently a resident advisor, which in itself is a position of great responsibility. Having to deal with people in terms of relationship building and friendship has made me realize the value of what the outside world has for me.

What I have loved the most – being the Chair for two committees in Campus Activities Board (CAB) in the past two years. I was able to manage and organize events for the entire school on a regular basis. I have learned the details of what goes into making an event successful, and also applied my creativity for publicity in this busy space.

I have been executive member for other organizations like Making Lives Better, through which we were able to help the people in Nepal as we installed biogas plants and distributed education supplies to underprivileged children.

Living with integrity and fairness, and portraying the other two values of Westminster of respect and responsibility is exemplified by my membership in Honors Commission and recent selection to the Skulls of Seven.

With all that I have done at Westminster, there is still room for academics and working environment. I have learned to manage my time well and be organized with what I have at the moment and realize that stress can never stop you from doing what you like to do. I have learned the big life-skills of going out to the world where I meet different people, and what is going to help me the most is my representation of myself and my values/culture but with an open-mind to see and learn things differently.


What is the environment like in Westminster classrooms? 

Westminster provides a great variety of learning experiences, from making portfolios or creating awareness through active discussion and learning, to projects related to researches and academic fostering. The interaction between professors and students, along with creative use of teaching styles in classrooms, has helped me to find my strength and figure out what is best for my personal learning. Also, openness for positive feedback is always appreciated, which in turn benefits our willingness to work with the professors to create a better classroom environment.


What advice do you have for new Westminster students?

Try to find your interests, and go for it. It is not hard to balance academics with other activities at Westminster, if you are willing. You just have to be excited to widen your learning horizon. It is also important to be open-minded since Westminster has a lot to offer.

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