Westminster College Students Now Eligible for Pre-Admissions to Mizzou Medical School

Westminster College students who come from rural backgrounds and have an interest in practicing rural medicine can now seek pre-admission to the School of Medicine at the University of Missouri in Columbia under a new agreement.  The Bryant Scholars Program gives pre-med students pre-admission and a scholarship for their fourth year of medical school (if requirements are met), plus it benefits rural Missouri communities by encouraging more new physicians to answer need in those areas.

Previous studies have recognized rural background students are substantially more likely to practice in rural areas than students from urban backgrounds.  Access to quality health care in small towns and rural areas of Missouri has steadily declined over the past few years and the Bryant Scholars Program is an initiative to help remedy that problem.  Fifty-five percent of the Bryant Scholar participants end up practicing in rural areas and 80% end up practicing in Missouri.

“An aging physician population and decline in the number of new physicians establishing practices in rural communities are leading to a declining level of health care available in small towns and rural areas of our state,” says Westminster President Dr. George B. Forsythe.  “We are glad to be a part of the solution with the Bryant Pre-Admissions Program.”

In order to apply for the Lester R. Bryant Pre-Admissions Program, students must be completing their sophomore year of college; have an ACT score of 28 or SAT score of 1260; minimum 3.3 GPG both cumulative and in math/science; and have an A or B in required lecture/lab courses taken at time of application.

Westminster College is acclaimed for its cadaver program with lab courses where pre-med, psychology, and biology students gain a personalized, hands on experience conducting all dissection themselves in the laboratory.  This sets Westminster apart from other undergraduate programs and is a valuable addition to those seeking pre-admission and admission into medical schools such as the University of Missouri.

Students applying for the Bryant Pre-Admissions Program must also show leadership and interest in extracurricular activities; be a Missouri resident and have graduated from a rural Missouri high school; and be a full time student at Westminster or one of the other participating schools in the program.

Students accepted into the pre-admission program are assigned their particular entering class of the MU School of Medicine and entrance is contingent on them achieving certain academic standards, demonstrating ongoing professional conduct and participating in required activities.

They must achieve a minimum Medical College Admissions Test score, attend three of four transitional retreats scheduled biannually, spend 20 hours a year with a rural physician mentor as a junior, write two reflection papers annually about their shadowing experience and log 20 hours of other health related experiences and eight hours of community service every year.

Once admitted, Bryant Scholars are required to complete six weeks of a Summer Community Program, three Rural Track clerkships and one Rural Track Elective. Students who complete all medical school requirements of the Bryant Scholars Program receive a scholarship during their fourth year in medical school.

Visit the MU School of Medicine website for more detailed information on the program.

Applications and supporting material are due June 1 to the University of Missouri School of Medicine.

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