Parents Q&A: When, where, what do students at Westminster eat?

During Family Weekend 2013, Westminster College President Dr. Barney Forsythe addressed parents and family members with an update about the College, plus a Q&A session. The following is one of a series of blog posts to address questions raised by parents.

What are the options and open hours for campus dining?

Students on the College’s meal plan may eat at JCI Snack Bar (in Hunter Activity Center) or Backer Dining Hall.

Backer Dining Hall provides extensive dining options, buffet-style, at traditional dining times.  JCI Snack Bar, open from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., provides quick meal options – from fresh fruit and breakfast sandwiches to salads, sandwiches and pizzas – for students.

Click here for hours of operation for both Backer Dining Hall and JCI Snack Bar.

Click here for more on Fresh Ideas, who manages dining on campus.

Follow Westminster College Dining on Facebook for a look at menus, food served and more.

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