The Columns Concept

At Westminster College the “Columns Concept” is the term we have chosen to encapsulate what it is we do and how we do it. The “Columns Concept” captures the transformation that takes place for our students during their time at Westminster, marked by the ceremonies at the historic columns during freshman convocation and senior graduation. It expresses what we stand for, our enduring sense of purpose, mission, and values. The “Columns Concept” provides focus and direction to everything we do as a college and community and is a deep, internal, and collective understanding of what we can do better than other selective liberal arts colleges. At Westminster College, we excel at developing young men and women to be leaders in a global community.

Developing leaders in a global community is at the heart of the Westminster identity, which stems from the College’s rich history of international engagement. The “Columns Concept” embodies Westminster’s long-standing association with world leaders, beginning with Sir Winston Churchill’s 1946 Sinews of Peace speech in the historic Westminster Gymnasium. Churchill symbolizes Westminster’s commitment to liberal learning, to service-centered leadership, and to engagement in the global community. At the same time, the Churchill Memorial actively promotes the study of Churchill and his wider, contemporary significance, directly inspiring our graduates to make a difference in their world. Weaving together the functions and values of the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library in the United States and the College is the Churchill Institute at Westminster College. The Institute provides a vibrant connection between the history and inspiration found in the Memorial and the development of future leaders embodied in the College.

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Westminster College

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