Meet Haley Short, the student behind Humans of Westminster

Haley Short, ’17, is the student behind the new Facebook page, Humans of Westminster., created in the style of the popular Humans of New York page.  We sat down with Haley for a Q & A to learn more about her inspiration for this project.

Q: What gave you the idea to start the Humans of Westminster Facebook page? 

A: I have been following Humans of New York for two years now and I found it to be something that really made my day. I found myself reading them for an hour or so sometimes finding out about peoples lives and it got me thinking that I did not know my student body as much as I wanted to. There is a small community of us on this campus and I think that because of that and the feeling of a family that you get when you start here, we need to be more connected. One of my friends, Mary Katherine Keller, pushed me to really start doing it and made me think  I could make it happen.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with the page? 

A: I hope to accomplish the feeling of being able to look at someone walking along the hallway and knowing  just a little bit about them, enough to start a conversation and make friends. I want everyone to get to know the people that pass by you because, every single one of us have a different back story that you would never believe unless they told you.

Q: How often can we expect posts? 

A: You should expect a post a day unless it is through winter break, spring break, and summer break. I want it to stay consistent but there has to be some breaks in order for the pictures and quotes to be meaningful. Even though this page just started, it will continue after summer break. I want this page to continue even after I have graduated in order to show everyone the value of Westminster students.

Haley just might stop you for a photo and a quote – be the next post on Humans of Westminster!

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