Introducing the 2023 Blue Jays Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to all those who will be inducted into the prestigious 2023 Blue Jays Hall of Fame at 6 p.m. on October. 28, 2023, in Mueller Leadership Hall!

  • The 2003 Football Team
  • Erica F. Burney, ’17 IND
  • Caroline “Gracie” Koonce, ’19 ΚΑΘ
  • Donald P. Lofe, Jr., ’79 IND
  • The Kent, ’62 ΣΑΕ, and Judith Mueller Family
  • Craig A. McIntosh, ’88 ΔΤΔ
  • Matthew W. Mitchell
  • Vernon F. Scheiter, ’77 IND

Read more about each inductee on Westminster’s website.

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Sarah Rummel Backer

Sarah Rummel Backer is the Director of Media Relations and Senior Writer at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. A proud Westminster graduate, Sarah has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and strategic communications in the areas of higher education, medicine, agriculture, and the private business sector.