Scientific Frontiers To Be Explored at Hancock Symposium, Sept. 2016

Since 2006, the Hancock Symposium annually brings two engaging days of lectures, panel discussions and presentations by noted experts on one particular subject of global interest. The dynamic sessions challenge students through intellectual discourse, and the entire campus community participates in the events and learn together.


2016 Hancock Symposium – Audacious Ingenuity: Pushing the Boundaries of Science

September 14-15, 2016 at Westminster College, Fulton, MO

The 2016 Hancock Symposium will explore how scientific inquiry, deduction, and passion have shaped the world in which we live. Science uses what little we know to answer questions about the unknown. We can see science at work every day when we take a moment to enjoy the natural beauty around us, through medicine and technological advances protecting the health of all living things, to the exceptional few who cross boundaries and push the limits to fight for a better tomorrow.

The 2016 Hancock Symposium will enable students and the Westminster community to appreciate how science has made the complex seem simple and to appraise where the global community stands as we edge further into new scientific frontiers.

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