5 Tips for Helping Land Your First Job After Westminster Graduation

Ninety-six percent of Westminster graduates start their first job or enroll in graduate or professional schools within six months of graduation, but getting there may still seem like a daunting task, especially when graduation is just around the corner. In order to help, here are five tips for finding your first job after getting your Westminster degree.

  1. Target your job search to specific industries or employers.
    • Make a list of the top 10 employers you would like to work for and check their website for openings. Network through friends, family, alumni and social media to find a contact who works there. Ask your contact for tips on navigating the application process and to pass your resume on to the person hiring. Apply online, and then follow-up to keep in touch.
  2. Reach out to alumni who have been successful in their areas of expertise.
    • Join Westminster College Alumni Group on LinkedIn and the Westminster College Alumni Association Facebook page to network and connect with other alumni as well as faculty and staff. If you would like additional information on alumni in your area, contact the Alumni Office. Attend alumni events in your area to renew ties and expand your network.
  3. Use at least three methods to look for a job.
    • In addition to networking, search for positions listed through professional associations, by applying for county, state or federal jobs, by registering with your local state-funded employment office, or with reputable private employment agencies in your area (preferable for the employer to pay the fee).
  4. Check the job postings on Westminster’s Columns CareerLink.
    • Here you can find a variety of career-related information. Contact the Center for Career Development for information on how to access CareerLink.
  5. Contact the Center for Career Development for assistance.
    • There you can get help through a resume review, mock interview, and/or career counseling (small fee for assessment; no charge for interpretation). Send resumes to be reviewed CareerSrv@westminster-mo.edu with “alumni” in the subject line and a note saying for what type of position you are applying.

Also, be sure to check out LinkedIn’s new app to help college grads with their job searches. Best of luck!

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