Summer Study Abroad 2017: Bio in Belize

Westminster College’s Bio in Belize summer study trip is a favorite among Blue Jay students. Students take a class in the spring semester to prepare for the trip — which includes a visit to the Belize Zoo, canoeing down the Sibun River, snorkeling in coral reefs, climbing Mayan temples, and time exploring the local culture and landscape. Led by Dr. Mike Amspoker, 14 Westminster students left for the 2017 Belize trip on May 17 and returned on June 2.

“My favorite aspect of going to Belize was how we used everything we learned in class on the trip. We learned everything from Belize politics to the different fish we would see snorkeling. So it was really cool to be able to hold a conversation with a local about their country and understand what they were talking about. The most important thing I learned while in Belize is how much they respect the land and wildlife and how they don’t take anything for granted. This experience opened up my eyes to all that nature has to offer through the beautiful ocean, jungles, and rivers that we visited. — Sally Krebs ’20 (Incarnate Word Academy/St. Louis, Missouri)

Sally Krebs ’20 and Dr. Mike Amspoker in Belize

“My favorite aspect of the trip was hiking in the Cockscomb Basin to the waterfalls, and exploring the Mayan Ruin sites. I was surprised by how much slower time seemed to be in Belize. No one seemed to be in a rush like we are in the United States. The slogan on Caye Caulker was ‘slow down,’ which I thought was pretty cool, and a nice change.

I think my experience will help my future. I would like to become an optometrist. Visiting a country that has nothing was a real eye opener. Sometime in my career I would like to travel to a third-world country and help those who can not see. The most important thing I learned from this trip is that there is so much that we can live without, and still be happy, even though we don’t realize it.” — Taylor Howard ’18 (South Callaway High School/Mokane, MO)


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