Wayne Zade Appointed to MHC Board

Westminster English Professor Wayne Zade has been appointed to the advisory board for the Missouri Humanities Council (MHC). He joins Westminster alum Louis Riggs, current MHC board member, attorney and assistant professor of English at Hannibal-LaGrange University, to support the MHC.

Zade says he appreciates the importance of the role he is taking, noting that the humanities are facing many challenges and cuts in education today, and he looks forward to working with Riggs, his former student.

During his three-year term as board member, Zade will join Riggs and other members of the board to shape strategy, programs, and resource development for the organization. The MHC is committed to helping build a thoughtful, informed and engaged society through programs associated with encouraging family reading; supporting local museums, libraries, and other organizations promoting humanities education; facilitating the sharing of our stories; and generating public conversation on topics including history, religion, archaeology, anthropology, philosophy, literature, law and languages. The board meets four times at year in Kansas City, central Missouri and St. Louis.

Zade’s appointment comes as he begins his transition to retirement, slated for May 2016, with a lighter course load. “I’ve got breathing room from a busy teaching schedule to take this on,” Zade says. “It’s a really neat challenge to be involved in.”

He looks forward to tackling the issue of how educational initiatives will be funded in Missouri and evaluating grant proposals presented to the MHC. Zade is optimistic that his appointment will support the College: “I hope I can pick up and bring back ideas that might work for Westminster, and I want to acquaint the college community with what MHC does.”

Take a look at grants supported by the MHC.

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3 Responses

  1. Caroline Slavin says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Zade!

  2. Darline Desil says:

    Congratulations, Professor Zade. I wish you all the best.

  3. Brad Buckner says:

    Great News, Wayne! Congrats!