Evidence of Yes: 3-Week Online Courses Offered During Holiday Break

Westminster College has expanded its “Winter on the Web” (3-week online courses) with a new marketing campaign to broaden outreach to non-degree-seeking, non-Westminster students. Westminster designed the special online winter term to enable students fulfill course credit between the fall and winter semesters. The short-term, online course offerings are an advantage that Westminster students have embraced in the past few years.

Courses offered range from 100-level courses such as Introduction to Chemistry and History of the US to 1877 to upper-level courses such as Advertising and Childe & Adolescence Growth & Development. Education majors will benefit from Digital Literacy in the 21st Century, Teaching & Reading Content Area, and Diversity in Education.

“Originally offered only to Westminster students, our winter term online courses have opened up. Anyone in the world can now have access to the excellent instruction and cogent academic coverage offered through these courses,” said President Benjamin Akande. “The expansion of our efforts in online education, and filling a niche need for students with this short-term, intersession offering, is evidence of the ‘yes’ world at Westminster.”

More information on “Winter on the Web” 3-week online courses.

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