Corporate Partnership Program Provides Opportunities for Companies to Thrive

Companies that invest in higher education for their employees see increases in employee productivity and loyalty. Westminster College now partners with businesses to offer degree completion benefits to employees, allowing companies to develop talent and improve retention rates.

“Westminster’s degree completion program plays an essential role in bridging the gap between the needs of our corporate partners and the needs of their staff,” says Roslyn Grant, Director of Corporate Partnerships and Visiting Assistant Professor of Leadership. “These partnerships allow us to enable company and employee success.”

Employee participants will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership from Westminster, a degree which emphasizes critical thinking and communication skills vital for success in the modern work environment. The program can be specifically tailored to support and promote the company’s mission, and corporate partners receive tuition reduction benefits and waived fees.

Learn more about Westminster’s corporate partnership program and about Westminster’s recent partnership with Ameren Missouri.

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