Mix of Haunting Melody & Poetry: Churchill Singers Offer Free Concert Nov. 6

The Churchill Singers, an auditioned ensemble of Westminster College students, will present a choral concert at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday night, November 6, at the First Presbyterian Church in Fulton. The concert, entitled “For All That Is Divine,” is free and open to the public. During the concert, the Singers will perform great works of lyric beauty by Rutter, Mendelssohn, Rheinberger, Dello Joio and Lauridsen.

“My favorite piece is Come to Me, My Love,” says Lianna Keller ’16, a biology major from St. Louis, MO. “I’m excited to see the reaction of the audience to our execution of its dissonance and haunting melody. I want the audience to feel the same spirituality through music that I think everyone in our choir feels when we perform beautifully together.”

“Our program finds its inspiration in the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson and nineteenth-century Transcendentalism and explores the notions of beauty and goodness as found in the natural world and through human interactions,” says Dr. Natasia Sexton, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Choirs and Coordinator of Fine Arts at Westminster College.

 The Churchill Singers are from six different states and five different countries. Their academic majors represent each of the three divisions of Westminster College:  Humanities, Natural and Mathematical Sciences and Social Sciences. They rehearse four hours every week and are under the direction of Dr. Sexton.

Westminster College offers music awards for incoming students who audition and are accepted into The Churchill Singers. Those interested in audition information should contact Dr. Sexton at Natasia.Sexton@westminster-mo.edu.

Why attend the Nov. 6 concert? What the Churchill Singers want you to know … 

Churchill Singers

“The concert is short and sweet but the pieces we are doing are beautiful. The poetry really speaks to one’s soul and makes one think of life and death differently.” – Laura Kelly ’17, Lees Summit, MO, Biochemistry

“If the audience only takes away one thing from our concert, I want them to leave feeling better than when they arrived.” – Caroline McEwen ’18, Fulton, MO, Biology

“The concert consists not only of beautiful songs but also masterful works of poetry. It is a thoughtful concert and the audience will be moved.” – Emma Kliethermes ’16, Koeltztown, MO, Secondary Education and English

“I’m most excited about how the audience might hear some of our more touching songs like Come to Me, My Love and how they react to these emotionally intense songs.” – Ella Leslie ’17, Kansas City, MO, Biochemistry

Churchill Singers“I’m looking forward to finally showing people all of the hard work we’ve been doing and showing people how talented the Churchill Singers are.” – Vanessa M. Ermitano ’18, Jefferson City, MO, Nursing

“Being part of the choir brings a huge amount of joy into my life. The concert will be a great opportunity to hear great music while supporting Westminster and choir students.” – Guthrie Shipp ’17, Fulton, MO, Education

“I hope that more people will be interested in classical music after hearing our performance. It will be a chance for people to enjoy the charm of music and this is also an important component of campus life.” – Xinfu Li ’17, China, Undeclared

“I hope that through our concert the audience with recognize the eloquence and beauty of poetry and music that is inherent in choral music. This music also offers a deep appreciation for nature and earth’s beauty.” – Isaac Coronel ’17, Mesa, AZ, Biology

“When performed well, music always offers a meaningful experience. The whole concert should be good, but Across the Vast Eternal Sky can be a really good song.” – Dillon Williams ’15, Fulton, MO, Information Technology

Churchill Singers“I would want the audience to understand that music and singing are ways to express emotions like hope and love, and that when we sing the music becomes a part of us. It is no longer just words and notes on a page.” – Alyssa Marrero ’16, Columbia, MO, Biology

“I want Churchill Singers to perform more often. Sharing and enjoying beautiful music is very relaxing and spiritual.” – Maness Samuel ’17, Malawi, Math

“I think this concert really speaks to the eternal cycle of birth and rebirth in a way people can relate to. We are singing some really interesting and mesmerizing pieces of music, but I most look forward to singing Sure On This Shining Night.” – Ethan Parent ’16, Dallas, TX, Political Science

“People love discovering new music. What better way to do that than by joining the Churchill Singers for a breathtaking concert? We’ve put a lot of hard work into preparing this music. It will be an honor to share what we’ve done with our community.” – Chastity Alexander ’16, Huntsville, AL, Biochemistry

“This concert provides a break from the normal routine of life. I look forward to singing Sure On This Shining Night because it is such a wondrously awe-inspiring piece of poetry and music.” – Kody Renner ’16, Fulton, MO, Exercise ScienceChurchill Singers

“A lot of these songs explore the different interactions we have with nature. I think I would want people to take away from our concert the importance of nature and to also just come together as a community to celebrate beautiful music.” – Kellie Kavanaugh ’17, Eureka, MO, Biology

“The concert will be an excellent opportunity to be exposed to some great music that is put together nicely. I hope that through this concert the audience will recognize the strength of our choral program at Westminster College.” – Sam McHaney ’18, Kennett, MO, Business

“I think what is most evident about the Churchill Singers is that we have a uniquely diverse population, but we share a common love of music and we are committed to each other and the process of making music together.” – Phillip Taylor ’15, Houston, TX, Business Major

“We’ve been preparing for this for two months. This concert will be one of our very best. I’ve discovered beautiful songs and I can’t wait to deliver this music to our audience.” – Suer Yan ’15, Suzhou, China, Religious Studies

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