It’s a great day to be … Green!

Our College’s values—integrity, fairness, respect, and responsibility—challenge us to be stewards of our natural world, and therefore, sustainability is not just a good cause, it is an imperative.  Sustainability is also a high aspiration, so we should constantly search for new ways to enhance our environment.”

So says President Barney Forsythe as he introduces our virtual green space, where we promote our College-wide efforts to become more sustainable. Explore Sustainability and Green Initiatives at Westminster College and find out how we’re working together to protect our planet.

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Westminster College

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4 Responses

  1. Matt Murrie says:

    I wanted to make sure the specific students and faculty who put in significant time and effort into making Westminster more sustainable got the mention they deserve.

    Andrew R McHugh, Chris Givan, David Barkley Strawhan, Michael Ashley Applegate, Caroline Slavin, Tyler William Haulotte, Laura Messer, Tasha Ives, Marina Magalhães de Castro, Nathan Fox, Derek Legg, Kathleen McKinney, Meredith Bolen, Suravi Shrestha, and Josh Kling.

    John Langton, Alan Goldin, Jim McRae, and Irene Unger.

    Thank you!

    • Westminster College says:

      Thank you to these students and faculty members for their significant contributions to the sustainability efforts at Westminster College!

  2. Matt Murrie says:

    Whoops! Looks like I forgot a few students. Thank you again to the Westminster community to push initiatives like this forward from the ground up!

    Thank you, Samantha Hollenberg, Amy Jane Cicak (Amanda), Olivia Andoe, and Rosemary Michaud.