Students Raise Money for Syrian Refugees

The Westminster Community recently got together to support the refuges in and outside Syria. The fundraiser, sponsored by the International Club and Amnesty International, raised $1,035 in less than one month.  All the funds were sent directly to the UNICEF’s mission in Syria.

According to the UNHCR, children represent 52% of the total Syrian refugee population, which now exceeds 2.2 million.

Through events such as buttons and postcards sales, dumplings sale, the International Show, and various sporting tournaments, which were also cosponsored by other organizations such as Capture the Moment and Making Lives Better, the $1,000 goal was met.

Reaching and exceeding the goal was only made possible thanks to the support received from students of other campus organizations, Greek chapters, as well as from faculty and staff.  Many thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Dino Dedic’14 and Abdullah Al-Hadeethi’14

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