Phi Delta Theta House Renovations in Full Swing

Renovations at the Missouri Beta Chapter House of Phi Delta Theta are well underway!

Thanks to the generosity of over 300 alumni and friends of Phi Delta Theta at Westminster College, the Campaign for Missouri Beta successfully raised over $2.1 million in gifts and pledges to fund an extensive renovation project.

The renovation project focuses primarily on vital internal and structural improvements, which are critical for the Chapter House to meet College safety and housing standards. The project also includes some aesthetic enhancements to the Chapter House. Major priorities in this renovation phase include:

Renovating all interior walls
Replacing all doors and frames
Replacing all windows
New furniture
New front porch and repairing south porch
Extensive landscaping in the front yard
Renovating the basement including the chapter room, laundry, lounge, and restroom
Repairing basement foundation

Special thanks to all the loyal donors who made this longtime renovation a reality for Phi Delta Theta at Westminster College!


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Westminster College

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5 Responses

  1. Dr Robert Volz x'54 says:

    Thanks to Allan Henderson who initiated and enthusiastically and heavily supported this renovation, Mo Beta has a fresh new look. Many thanks Allan.

  2. Eric Qualls says:

    The majority of the renovations are great; however, the removal of the two trees on the front lawn is unacceptable and in the case of the northern tree: offensive. The northern tree was dedicated as a memorial to a Phi Delt brother that passed away. The other tree was at least a hundred years old. Their removal is a waste of natural beauty and impetuous.

  3. Gina Campagna says:

    Hi Eric — I work at Westminster and wanted to let you know that I looked into the concerns you voiced about the removal of trees at the Phi Delt House. Unfortunately, the northern tree was planed directly over a gasline and needed to be removed. However, Phi Delt committee members talked with the members of the family who memorialized the tree, and the plaque honoring your Phi Delt Brother will be moved to one of the new trees that have been planted.

  4. Robert A. "Tim" Daley says:

    In 1954, my sophomore year, my Dad made a lighted Phi Delt pin that has hung over the front door since that time. I sincerely hope that it has been safely stored during the renovation and will be returned to its former place to light the entry to the house. I last returned to the house in 2004 and returned the Phi Delt plaque the my Dad also made which hung in the dining room while I was there. Do hope it also will return to a place of honor in the house.
    Yours in the bond,
    Tim Daley, 896

  5. Gina Campagna says:

    Hi Robert — I wanted to let you know that I checked with the project construction coordinators today….and the lighted Phi Delt sign is safe in storage, and the plan is to rehang it on the new awning that is currently be constructed over the front entrance of the house. What I wonderful story that your father made that sign during you time as an active! The sign should be reinstalled by Alumni Weekend when all renovation items are wrapping up.
    Gina Campagna