What’s the one thing you don’t want to forget to bring to college?

Westminster College resident advisors weigh in with advice for new students on what to bring to college.

“Don’t forget your camping chair or beach towel. The best place to meet new friends is the quad when the weather is nice. You can also use it for extra seating inside.” —Allison Wright, Class of 2017 (Independence, Missouri)

“Don’t forget to bring something that reminds you of home! I always like having a little piece of home with me at all times.”—Tayisah Mykelle, Class of 2016 (St. Louis, Missouri)

“The one thing you do not want to forget to bring to college would be a laptop.” —Jordan Lauchland (Galt, California)

“Don’t forget to bring whatever calms you down. Moving in causes a lot of stress piled on top of having to get used to college and being away from parents, so having an escape is always awesome.” —Grant Gershner, Class of 2016 (Springdale, Arkansas)

“Do not forget an umbrella.”—Ashley Sarah Reisig, Class of 2016 (Ferguson, Missouri)

“Extra batteries and your chargers — for your phone, camera, laptop, kindle, whatever.” — Laura Wiltshire, Class of 2016 (Lee’s Summit, Missouri)

“Bring is a printer! Having one in your room is great for last minute printing or when you get done with a paper late at night and don’t want to walk to the library!” —Amanda Kiso, Class of 2017 (Jefferson City, Missouri)

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