Jason Miko Educates Westminster Students on Global PR and the Macedonian Identity Struggle

The Honorable Jason Miko, Honorary Consul for the Republic of Macedonia, served as Westminster College’s Global Leader-in-Residence on October 28-29, 2013.  He was brought to campus by the Churchill Institute for Global Engagement and spent two days engaging students in transnational studies, public relations, and international business.  Miko, who works for the global public relations firm, Russell Public Communications in Tucson, Arizona, discussed his long career in public affairs, lobbying, public relations, and humanitarian relief work during the 1990s wars in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Kosovo.  He also worked in Macedonia for seven years and continues to advise and work with government leaders in the Balkans today, including the elected President of Macedonia, Dr Gjorge Ivanov. 

Aside from the Global Leader-in-Residence speech, Miko spent two hours showing a film on the Macedonian naming struggle, “A Name is a Name.”  He was the producer of the film and worked with the lead singer of the 1980s Norwegian rock band, “A-Ha!”, Morten Harket.  Miko addressed 40 students, faculty and staff on the problems of nationalism, human rights, and identity in Macedonia and its neighbor, European Union-member Greece.   

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