Getting Students Involved in “The First 51 Days of Westminster” 

New and returning students to campus were greeted with a colorful new publication this fall titled “The First 51 Days of Westminster.” This day-by-day calendar of events gives students a detailed look at what is happening on campus for the first 51 days of school. 

The idea was the brainchild of Jackie Weber, Director of Residential and Greek Life and Associate Dean of Student Life.

“This pamphlet intentionally targets the first several weeks of our new student experience and gives them a full menu of opportunities and programs to choose from and activities to attend so they can enjoy themselves and become connected to the institution,” she says. “It will also help them to meet people and build networks.” 

In addition, Weber believes “The First 51 Days of Westminster” will be a great recruiting tool for the admissions office because they can show visiting students how vibrant campus life is at Westminster. 

The publication introduces students to the five domains that are the foundation of student development at Westminster—intellectual, social, wellness, professional, and ethical—and ties the events in the publication to the domains they represent so students will see what purpose the events serve. 

Compiling all the activities for the calendar of events was a massive undertaking for Weber. She reached out to the Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, Athletics, Homecoming Committee, Hancock Symposium, Wellness Center, Churchill Institute, the Office of Faith and Service, international programs, multicultural student development program, fine arts, the National Churchill Museum, fraternities, and sororities as well as the over 50 other clubs and organizations on campus.  The result is the attractive tri-fold pamphlet students received the first day. 

When asked why she selected 51 days for her focus, Weber says:  “51 seemed like a natural fit because of the historical significance of our college being established in 1851.” 

“I believe this student life guide will help new students to dive right in and get involved and strengthen our student retention by demonstrating to returning students how they can get engaged in a multitude of activities,” she says. 

Weber says the next challenge is to get students as excited about the next 51 days as they are about these first 51. 

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