Music, Arts, Med School: How a Liberal Arts Education is Preparing Me

Carrie Antoine ’17 (Kirkwood High School/St. Louis MO) is president of the Performing Arts Club at Westminster, a member of the Honors Program, and the founder and president of Westminster Arts Association. In the above photo, Carrie (second from the left) practices with the Churchill Singers. She has been a member of the group since her freshman year. 

Below, Carrie shares how she believes her artistic pursuits and diverse liberal arts experiences in college will make her a better doctor.

I didn’t come to this institution to be on stage. Even though as a child I was constantly pestering my parents to record me doing ridiculous routines, I have never wanted to pursue performing as a career. I have always wanted to be a doctor.

My entire family works in the healthcare industry and I grew up playing in various doctors’ offices. Science is my calling, and I am a biochemistry major hoping to make it into medical school.

The one thing that will set me apart from other applicants is my liberal arts education.

I don’t want to approach medicine from a solely scientific perspective. A holistic approach, in my opinion, better heals the body and the mind.

Not only have I been studying, listening in lectures, and working in lab, I have also been performing, connecting, and understanding people through artistic expression.

I have mentors in many different disciplines. I have my major advisor who is looking out for the best classes and internships for me to succeed scientifically, I also have activity advisors who take a different approach to my education.

Churchill Singers is just one of the ways that I have found for me to participate in the arts at Westminster. Without this outlet for me to express myself artistically I would not be able to focus on my main goals. Westminster offers me a chance to pursue my two passions in life and become a truly well rounded member of society.

Westminster takes a holistic approach to education and is inspiring me to be the best doctor I can be.

Churchill Singers Practice

Back row: Alyssa Marrero ’16, Tess Fessler ’16, Carrie Antoine ’17, Lianna Keller ’16, Tianyin Yin ’17.

Front row: Vanessa Ermitano, Emma Kliethermes ’16, Kellie Kavanaugh ’17

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