2016 Student Government Association Election Results

The Student Government Association is one of the most influential organizations at Westminster College. It makes decisions regarding budgeting, student life and campus-wide events. Westminster would like to congratulate the following new members:

Freshman President: Maryanne Korte
Freshman Vice President: Barrett Houska
Freshman Senators:
Alexis Fast
Sam Giftos
Bailey Johnson
Kolbi McNutt
Missy Rolseth
Robert Shifrin

Sophomore President: Lydia Creech
Sophomore Vice President: Mason Evers
Sophomore Senators:
Rohit Bhandari
Alondria Buggs
Christian Hurtado
Gracie Koonce
Isabel O’Neil
Kavish Wadhwa

Junior President: Manfredo Flores
Junior Vice President: Payton Beeler
Junior Senators:
Ben Davis
Megan Edgar
Morgan Henry
Lexi Lopez
Carson Pope
Nathan Wilson

Senior President: Mahima Poudel
Senior Vice President: Jeremy Hill
Senior Senators:
Gordon Allison
Isaac Coronel
Juan Manzo
Carlos Tellez
Ally Wingert
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