Blue Blazers Founder and Advisor Interviewed on NASDAQ Show

The Blue Blazer Investment Committee is fortunate to participate in the opening bell ceremony at NASDAQ on its bi-annual trip. This year, Brock Ayers, founder of the Blue Blazers, and Ed Mirelli, faculty advisor, were featured on Jill Malandrino’s show “Trade Talks.” Malandrino is the Global Markets Reporter for NASDAQ, and her show is the #1 social program for trading, within NASDAQ.

“This was an extremely cool experience,” says Clara Baldwin, ’19, from Columbia, MO. “It was inspiring to see the work ethic Jill Malandrino had, for her job is a lot of thinking on her feet and adapting to different situations because she interviews different people of different occupations around the world.”

Ayers and Mirelli provided insight into how the committee started, the importance of what it brings to the members, and how Westminster provides unique opportunities for its students. The Blue Blazers extended an open invitation for Malandrino to travel to Fulton to visit campus.

Watch the interview here.




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