102 Student-Athletes Named To Fall 2013 Dean’s List

Fulton, Mo. – Westminster College announced the 2013 Fall Dean’s List and the Westminster Blue Jays had 102 student-athletes earned a spot on it. Fifty-three student-athletes also finished the semester with a perfect 4.0 grade point average (GPA).

The Dean’s List recognizes those Westminster students who have shown high academic performance during the past semester. To be included on the Dean’s List, a student must have a 3.60 semester GPA with at least 12 hours completed that semester.

Westminster had eight of the 16 sports offered finish with a team GPA of 3.4 or higher.

Here is the list of student-athletes. (Note: ** indicates a 4.0 GPA for the fall term.)

Jordan Allen Junior Baseball
Cam Backes Junior Baseball
Nolan Bax Sophomore Baseball
Tommy Bohnert Junior Baseball
Miller Bowles Freshman Baseball
Tyler Branneky Junior Baseball
Collin Brinker** Sophomore Baseball
Tim Chambliss Junior Baseball
Tanner Cooper Freshman Baseball
Jordan Cox** Freshman Baseball
Sam Gieg* Sophomore Baseball
Clayton Harrison Freshman Baseball
Danton Hughes** Senior Baseball
Deion Hughes Sophomore Baseball
Seth Lehmen** Sophomore Baseball
Ryan Loethen Junior Baseball
A.C. Long Sophomore Baseball
Christian Moulton Senior Baseball/ Football
Tyler Picha Sophomore Baseball
Jake Rule Junior Baseball
Ben Schwarz** Senior Baseball
Dan Breihan Junior Basketball (M)
Nathanial Caudel Sophomore Basketball (M)
Mik Ebert Sophomore Basketball (M)
Brandon Moore Junior Basketball (M)
Trenten Roach** Sophomore Basketball (M)
Blake Stonecipher** Sophomore Basketball (M)/ Golf
Jay Zalis** Sophomore Basketball (M)
Krista Armontrout** Sophomore Basketball (W)
Kasey Gatson** Sophomore Basketball (W)
Payton Gruber Freshman Basketball (W)
Jen Herndon Sophomore Basketball (W)/ Track & Field (W)
Leigh Ann Lutz** Senior Basketball (W)
Megan McCaul** Sophomore Basketball (W)
Bailey Mitchell** Freshman Basketball (W)
Mikaela Ruga Sophomore Basketball (W)
Danielle Smulczenski Junior Basketball (W)/ Cross Country (W)/ Track & Field (W)
Kristen Warncke Sophomore Basketball (W)
Stephanie Williams** Junior Basketball (W)
Andrea Zalis Freshman Basketball (W)
Ryan Dyer** Freshman Cross Country (M)/Track & Field (M)
Jesse Edwards** Sophomore Cross Country (M)/ Track & Field (M)
Spencer Woodford Junior Cross Country (M)/ Track & Field (M)
Claire Gibby Sophomore Cross Country (W)/ Softball/Track & Field (W)
Sarah Koestner** Senior Cross Country (W)/ Track & Field (W)
Sarah Ogar** Senior Cross Country (W)/ Track & Field (W)
Tiara Pettijohn** Junior Cross Country (W)/ Track & Field (W)
Lily Willis** Freshman Cross Country (W)/ Track & Field (W)
Jordan Daugherty** Sophomore Football
Dylan Dooling** Freshman Football
Grant Gershner** Sophomore Football
Jeremy Hill** Freshman Football
Richard Sterns** Senior Football
Matt Weinsting Junior Football
Aristotle Butler** Senior Golf
Bradley Davis** Senior Golf
Hogan Davis** Senior Golf
Jay Gilliam** Junior Golf
Chris Jacobs Junior Golf
Leo Lutz Junior Golf
John Davis Senior Soccer (M)
Muhle Dlamini** Junior Soccer (M)
Connor Hollrah** Senior Soccer (M)
Jamie Lewis Senior Soccer (M)
Michael McDonough Senior Soccer (M)
Sasha Mohammadi** Senior Soccer (M)
Grant Peterson** Freshman Soccer (M)/ Tennis (M)
Monica Bittner Junior Soccer (W)
Katie Bolin** Freshman Soccer (W)
Alyssa Busken Sophomore Soccer (W)
Erin DeVasto Sophomore Soccer (W)
Adrienne Ebersole** Freshman Soccer (W)
Katie Koonce** Sophomore Soccer (W)
Grace Sanford Sophomore Soccer (W)
Ashley Schimmel** Sophomore Soccer (W)
Katie Seyer Senior Soccer (W)
Anne Backer** Freshman Softball
Allison Biggs** Freshman Softball
Liz Carthen** Freshman Softball
Alyson Hahn Freshman Softball
Alyssa Johnson** Freshman Softball
Lori Jones** Senior Softball
Emily Kesel** Junior Softball
Charlotte King Sophomore Softball
Brittany Lee** Senior Softball
Briana Peterson Freshman Softball
Joe Bliss Junior Tennis (M)
Jamie LiWu** Sophomore Tennis (M)
Astrid Lund Sophomore Tennis (W)
Molly Dwyer Sophomore Tennis (W)
Kristen Fisher** Senior Tennis (W)
Binju Gaire** Sophomore Tennis (W)
Sarah Heeter Senior Tennis (W)
Laura Kelly** Freshman Tennis (W)
Jessica Klutts Sophomore Tennis (W)
Mary Nestor** Senior Tennis (W)
Jamie Striller** Sophomore Tennis (W)
Laura Wiltshire** Sophomore Tennis (W)
Amanda Kiso Freshman Volleyball
Danielle Lorenscheit** Freshman Volleyball
Kayla Reeg Freshman Volleyball
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