Annie Mulvey ’18—A Power in Purpose Profile

Annie Mulvey ’18 ΚΚΓ is a senior studying business communication and English. From Harrison, Missouri, she is president of Alpha Chi National Honor Society and a member of Student Foundation, a student-based organization that helps introduce prospective students to Westminster by giving tours, answering questions, and giving a first-hand, real-life look at the College.

What would you say is your purpose, and how has your time at Westminster helped you find and fulfill it?

I think our purposes are always changing. I think at this point, my purpose is to be a sort of bridge, forming relationships and connecting people and ideas through active and open communication, and, above all, being a source of light in people’s lives that makes them want to make those connections.

What does success mean to you?

I think each individual person sets the bar for what they hope to achieve, and in my opinion, any steps in the right direction of whatever that goal might be is success.

What is it about Westminster that makes it the kind of community that empowers students to discover their purposes and find success?

Unlike any other, Westminster provides the opportunities and the ability to think for oneself that makes finding success and purpose impossible not to do. You just have to be willing to take advantage of it.

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More about Annie…

  • She is looking forward to pursuing a career in content marketing.
  • Her favorite place on campus is a table just outside HAC on a nice day.
  • Her take on Westminster for potential Blue Jays: “For a prospective student looking for a close-knit community with the opportunities of a large university, Westminster is absolutely the place to be. You will work harder than you knew you could, but you will love every second of it and at the end of the day, you will end up exactly where you wanted and needed to be.” 



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