New Movie Hit by Westminster Alumnus at Local Theaters 

With a box of kleenex in hand, members of the Westminster College extended family should head to the local movie theaters to view the latest screenplay by Westminster alumnus W. Bruce Cameron, ‘78 from Los Angeles, CA and his wife Cathryn Michon, “A Dog’s Way Home.”  

Termed “a trek to pull the heartstrings” in the New York Times movie review of the film, “A Dog’s Way Home” tells the story of the lost dog Bella, who after being separated from her master, undertakes a 400-mile journey to find her loving owner Lucas.  

Based on Cameron’s best-selling book by the same title (2017), “A Dog’s Way Home” marks the second successful screenwriting collaboration between Cameron and Michon.  Their first movie, “A Dog’s Purpose” (2017), adapted from Cameron’s 2010 book, became the most successful international, live action dog movie of all time.  

An American author, columnist, and humorist, Cameron is best known for his A Dog’s Purpose series of books, which made him a #1 New York Times best-selling author as well as #1 on USA Today’s book list.  

His column, “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter,” became a New York Times best-selling book as well and a People’s Choice Award winning ABC television series starring the late John Ritter.   

A member of Sigma Chi fraternity, Cameron received a 2018 Westminster College Alumni Achievement Award.  In his remarks for the occasion, Cameron said: “I washed up on the shores of Westminster as a high school student with a complete lack of understanding of the world.  I left there as a man who understood much more about the world of men—learned from being a Sigma Chi.  My fraternity taught me honor, taught me to treat people with respect, and taught me to be a leader.  Some of the lessons learned in the fraternity still affect me to this day.”  

Cameron credits Westminster Professors Jay Karr and Bill Bleifus with being encouraging and supportive of his writing career. 

When asked about Westminster, the successful author and screenwriter said: “The smaller classes, the intimate relationship with faculty, the Greek system, and the free and unfettered access to ideas, even if those ideas are strange, different, or objectionable, produce someone who can truly succeed in the world.”  

Filming is currently underway on Cameron and Michon’s third screenplay, “A Dog’s Journey,” based on his 2012 book.  

Cameron is also working on his highly anticipated novel, A Dog’s Purpose 3:  A Dog’s Promise. 

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