Mueller Leadership Hall, a Look Back

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Above photo: Top, Mueller Leadership Hall during construction in 2006. Bottom, the finished building in 2007.


Mueller Leadership Hall transformed Westminster’s campus in 2007, replacing Robertson Dining Hall, which served students from 1958 to 2006.  Mueller is home to the Backer Dining Room and three private dining rooms, which serve as meeting rooms for the Westminster community.

Mueller Leadership Hall was constructed as part of the College’s transformational Campaign for Westminster.  This campaign raised over $80 million for various capital and programmatic projects across campus.  The Judith and Kent Mueller Student Center, built in 2001, is connected to the Leadership Hall and was also part of the historic Campaign for Westminster.

The $8 million building was made possible through generous support from Westminster’s alumni and friends. Kent and Judith Mueller were the lead donors in the campaign. The former president of Mastersoft (acquired by Adobe Systems in 1995) and current head of Kent Mueller Ventures, Mueller, ’62, is a Westminster College Board of Trustees member and a Westminster College-Mesa Advisory Board member. Kent and Judith currently live in Paradise, AZ and have three grown children and several grandchildren.

Additional major Mueller Leadership Hall donors included:   

  • The J.E. & L.E. Mabee Fdn., Inc.
  • Wallace L. and Audrey Head
  • John M. and Wanda A. Panettiere
  • James P. and Kimberly D. Benson
  • Ronald D. and Dianne B. Winney
  • William D. and Chris Daniels
  • Robert H. Buckner
  • John M. and LindaBrus
  • Richard P. Confer and Pam Leinberger
  • William A. and Lucinda Bennett
  • Steven W. Vogeding
  • Robert O. Lesley
  • D. M. Linihan
  • John W. and Joyce Marsh
  • David H. and Linda S. Hancock
  • Raymond E. and Carol Baker
  • Jerry D. and Michele Kennett
  • William E. Backer
  • Overton T. Harris
  • Alfred C. and Martha H. Sikes
  • Shackelford L. McElroy
  • John R. Opel
  • Paul J. and Faith B. Davis
  • John A. Fuchs
  • Bruce K. and Jean M. Brookby
  • Peter A. Childs
  • John G. Campbell
  • Donald J. and Sharon K. Tomnitz
  • James W. and Sharon Harrod
  • Alan C. and Victoria L. Henderson
  • Lloyd B. and Janet W. Taylor
  • James W. and Nancy Boeckman
  • Edward Jones
  • The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation
  • Harold B. and Kathryn B. Oakley
  • Donald E. and Virginia L. Thompson
  • Amber D. and Daniel L. Shafer
  • John and Dorothy Rule Ayres Foundation
  • Prentiss E. and Gail W. Feagles

Making history, shaping futures … The generous support of alumni and friends enable Westminster to develop students into global leaders of character who shape the future in their careers, their communities and the world. The above blog post is one in a series as we celebrate a few of the gifts that have transformed Westminster College – and the lives of our students — over the years. 

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