On the Road with Pat Kirby: A Visit with Ah Choo Yeoh ’83

In November, Pat Kirby caught up with one of the original WOWs (women of Westminster). Read on for his on-the-road update.

Another gift from Jack Marshall! In the fall of 1978 when Westminster was making the decision to bring female students to the College in the fall of 1979, Jack awarded a scholarship to Ah Choo Yeoh, who learned about the college’s decision from two classmates from her home country of Malaysia.

The rest is history! Ah Choo graduated with that first class of women in 1983, with lots of academic honors, moved to Singapore, married a college teacher colleague, Tan, and they both teach math at Singapore Polytecnic College. They have raised three talented daughters (two young doctors shown here with Ah Choo and Tan).

Best of all, they provide the best bed & breakfast in Singapore to a traveler from Westminster! It doesn’t get much better than this. They treat me as one of the family! I did try to get some free medical advice but these two doctors were tactful with their free advice!! The third daughter is a senior at the University of Illinois so I have ownership of her room for a couple of days.

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