Planning a campus visit? Don’t forget to …

Da’Shaun Scott ’16 (pictured above) is the president of Student Foundation.

The campus tour is one of the most important factors in deciding on a college.

“When I visited campus for the first time, I just knew that Westminster was for me,” says Sydney Sexton ’18 (Independence, MO). “I had this feeling that I belonged here.”

“It just felt right,” Kat Cooper ’18 (Marble Hill, MO) says. “I loved the atmosphere on campus and the attitudes of the professors and students that I met and I believed I would fit in very well.”

At Westminster, Student Foundation is a student-based organization that helps introduce prospective students to Westminster by giving tours and answering questions, giving a first-hand, real-life look at the College.

“I made my decision immediately after my campus tour when I met a few different students and got to see the campus from a student’s perspective,” says Gabby LaRose ’17 (O’Fallon, MO).

Below, Student Foundation offers advice for prospective students visiting Westminster. 

Make sure you ask …

  • “Ask about the town and the community, and ask about anything you’re interested in from clubs to classes.” — Hannah Hubbard ’18, Laquey, MO
  • “Ask is if the college offers the major that you might be interested in. At Westminster, if the school does not offer a major that you are interested in, you have the opportunity to self-design one.” — Da’Shaun Scott ’16, St. Louis, MO
  • “Prospective students should make sure to ask about Greek Life on our campus because it is a lot different than Greek Life on other campuses.” — Alexandra Rauscher ’18, Bridgeton, MO
  • “Be sure to ask about your major and what is offered as far as your major goes. Als0, ask what there is to be involved with on campus; clubs, organizations, what there is to do in town, etc.” — Gabby LaRose ’17, O’Fallon, MO

Don’t leave without …

  • “All prospective students should be sure to check out JCI and HAC because they are some of the coolest places for students to hang out.” — Jeremy Quinton ’18, Ozark, MO
  • “One place to go before you leave campus is the dining hall. Many people say that ours looks like Hogwarts from Harry Potter. It’s also an all-you-can-eat buffet.” — Da’Shaun Scott ’16, St. Louis, MO
  • “Students should be sure to check out the bookstore so they can see the different areas to get books, pick up packages, send packages, and get Westminster apparel.” — Alexandra Rauscher ’18, Bridgeton, MO
  • “Definitely check out the dining hall food! The pizza bar is definitely my favorite place to go for lunch.” — Zach Stafford ’17, Belleville, IL

Plan your visit to Westminster.

View virtual tour.


Student Foundation members Da’Shaun Scott ’16, Hannah Hubbard ’18, Sydney Sexton ’18, and Zach Stafford ’17

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