Move-In Advice: 5 Helpful Hints

Excited to join the Westmo community this fall? Check out 5 helpful hints for a great transition to college.

  1. Talk with your roommate to decide who will bring some of the larger, sharable items, such as refrigerator, stereo and/or a television set. There may not be space for two of these larger items in your room! (Click here for advice what to bring.)
  2. Please leave all of your pets and/or animals at home; they aren’t permitted in campus housing.
  3. Remember you are sharing a space with another student – pack sparingly. You can always pick up more things on your first trip back home, or hit up our local Wal-Mart for necessities!
  4. Get to know your Resident Advisor (RA). These upperclass students will be great campus resources, mentors and friends! They have been in your shoes before, and can help you with all aspects of your transition to college.
  5. Everyone in the Quad will be new, just like you! Take the time to get to know your neighbors and make new friends!

Room assignments will be mailed in early July and will include your campus housing assignment, your roommate’s name and contact information, and your campus mailbox number and combination. Included in this mailing will also be a New Student Week schedule, a list of suggested items to bring to campus, and a special move-in schedule for fall student athletes (where applicable).

If you find yourself anxious to see your housing assignment, you can also find this information in your MyWC portal. This information will be available online approximately one week before the mailing is ready to be sent, so keep checking MyWC for updated information.

If you have not received any information regarding your room assignment by August 1, please contact the Office of Residential & Greek Life immediately at 573-592-5242.

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