Westminster Student Ambassadors

Each year, a select group of students are chosen to represent Westminster as Student Ambassadors. The group’s mission is to build and maintain connections between alumni, other constituents, and the Westminster community. Being a student ambassador also means adhering to the values of the College and representing Westminster with the highest standard of student life. Through their role on campus, student ambassadors have many opportunities to meet alumni and community leaders.

“I can’t tell you how many times I have received business cards or contacts to help with my future as a teacher,” says Lindsey Dennis ’15, current president of Student Ambassadors. “The passion of our alumni encourages me to deepen my devotion to this institution.”

We are proud to recognize this year’s group of Student Ambassadors:

Lindsey Dennis ’15 President

Ryan Harrison ’15 Vice President of Member Development

Anna West ’15 Vice President of Marketing

Dylan Hixson ’16 Vice President of Student Philanthropy

Spencer Smith ’15 Vice President of Recruitment

Grant Gershner ’16 Secretary

Jake Abbot ’16

Devinn Ashford ’16

Amelia Ayers ’16

Henry Beggs ’16

Tommy Bohnert ’15

Miller Bowles ’17

Roberta Burns ’17

Jordan Cox ’17

Luke Donovan ’15

Maria Donovan ’16

Molly Dwyer ’16

Steven Ebert ’16

Elizabeth Ehrhardt ’16

Ceilidh Evans ’17

Megan Fitzpatrick ’16

Peter Gable ’16

Samuel Gieg ’16

Karen Hardeman ’15

Lori Hoertel ’16

Mary Katherine Keller ’17

Katie Koonce ’16

Drew Landherr ’17

Kyla Li ’17

Leo Lutz ’15

Daniel Manks ’17

Katie Mann ’16

Bailey Mitchell ’17

Thomas Moore ’15

Sandra Nivyabandi ’15

Dalton O’Donnell ’15

Ethan Parent ’16

Ashley Schimmel ’16

Da’Shaun Scott ’16

Brynn Shaw ’16

Bishesh Shrestha ’16

Brier Skogsberg ’16

Jamie Striler ’16

Ali Veatch ’15

Pabel Vivanco ’15

Kristen Warncke ’17

Jodryn Williams ’17

Spencer Woodford ’15

Andreae Zalis ’17


Learn more about the Student Ambassadors at Westminster College.

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