Insider Knowledge: High School Students Tour Westminster Anatomy Lab

“Do you ever get used to that smell?” a Chillicothe high school student asked on a tour of the anatomy lab at Westminster.

“I don’t even notice it anymore,” said Dr. Dawn Holliday, Assistant Professor of Biology.

A group of high school anatomy students from Chillicothe High School (above) visited Westminster for an unforgettable experience. Six Westminster anatomy students guided them through important parts of the human body, demonstrating with donors from our anatmoy lab.

Westminster College is one of a limited number of undergraduate institutions to offer an anatomy lab. For those planning on attending medical school, Westminster Cadaveric Dissection Program provides a rare opportunity.  It’s uncommon and valuable to have two full years of cadaveric dissection on your resume as you apply to medical school.



Learn more about Westminster College’s anatomy lab classes, visit our webpage. You can find more information about our Biology program here.

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