Spring ’15 Course Highlight: Cross-Cultural Management with Dr. Eames

Above, Dr. Bob Eames will teach “Cross-Cultural Management” during the Spring 2015 semester at Westminster.

Interested in studying business at Westminster? Check out “Cross-Cultural Management” with Dr. Bob Eames, offered in the Spring ’15 semester. The course provides important diversity training, appropriate for any major, and particularly useful for those planning on careers in management.

“The course serves a vital purpose in creating a greater cultural awareness,” says Eames.

“Cross-Cultural Management” explores Euro-American culture and the nuances of culture around the world, as well as specific diverse groups such as African Americans, Asian Americans and Latin Americans. It also includes material on disabled persons, homosexuals, and people of various shapes and sizes among others.  The course zeroes in on stereotypes and how stereotypical thinking happens. It emphasizes understanding these various cultural dynamics in the workplace in order to be a successful manager.

Eames says students will learn many cool bits of useful information in this course, especially when it comes to understanding the basic demographics of the various sub-groups the course covers.  Students will learn about and consider …

  • the impact of women on the nation’s money supply in terms of who has the wealth and who makes family purchasing decisions;
  • the Human Genome Project to emphasize how humans are all one race, and why we should be thinking in terms of ethnicities;
  • popular stereotypes about several different demographic groups (and facts that dispel those stereotypes);
  • and more.

“Anyone who plans on being a leader or manager needs diversity training,” says Eames.  “This course is a good starting point, but should be the beginning of an ongoing diversity education that all individuals should have.”

Prior to his teaching career, Eames owned and operated two businesses. He holds a B.A. in history, a B.S. degree in computer information systems, an MBA, and a PhD in educational leadership and policy analysis.

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